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    Welcome to
    performance-based recruiting

    emerge helps you recruit people
    who can really grow your business

  • Stop sifting through resumes. 
     Find people who make a difference
     by launching real-job challenges
    and testing real-world skills.

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    Marketing managers

    Top skills:
    • Campaign planning
    • Campaign reporting
    • Leading a team


    Find your marketing manager now!


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    Growth hackers

    Top skills:
    • Interpreting data
    • Leveraging social networks
    • Finding relevant communities


    Find your growth hacker now!

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    Top skills:
    • Copywriting
    • Audience targeting
    • Social media management


    Find your community manager now!


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    Business developers

    Top skills:
    • Identifying opportunities
    • Pitching your product
    • Optimizing biz models

    Find your business developer now!

  • Find out now how emerge challenges
    can help you recruit people
    with the right skills to grow your business. 

  • Why emerge:

    Discover how emerge can help you find great future co-workers

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    Find great interview candidates based on skills and personality

    Human-centred recruiting.

    emerge challenges help you find people based on their mastery of real situations and social skills, and get real and diverse talent. 
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    Assess candidates' skills online, save time and money

    Managing assessment dates is costly.

    With emerge, you can evaluate candidates right away and identify talent anywhere in the world before your competitors do—online, at a fraction of the cost.
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    Your recruiting process

    is your brand.

    Make it awesome!

    Empower candidates, get customers.

    Of course, you can’t hire everyone. But make it a smooth, pleasant and fair process, and even unsuccessful applicants will appreciate the effort.
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  • What they said about us:

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    "A potentially disruptive innovation in the field of talent sourcing"

    Carlos Alonso-Goya de Lope
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    "A game changer, the most interesting development for recruitment since the ATS. A tool that actually helps you make more intelligent hiring decisions"

    Bob St. Jacques,

    CEO at Talentonomics

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    "At Datmachine we can't wait to try emerge for our first round of recruiting!"

    Evgenii Zasorin Schleifer, CEO at Datmachine
    A paradigm shift
    in talent sourcing. 

    Find out how emerge can help you find people to grow your business.

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